Full Print Quarter Zip

Full Print Quarter Zip


Ugh this is a sad one to let go.

You ever watch history channel and they show the mama turtle birthing…. and like 40 baby giblet turtles are born… and they gotta like take a pop quiz and crawl from the hole that the mama birthedt them which is like 9 miles away and they gotta meek mill it to the ocean… Like first why mama turt birtht these giblets so far away. Fk it. So like out of the 60 turtles that are birt only like 3 survive… TBH if I had to make that move as a human being I dont even think id make it.

This quarterzip is like the giblets birtht… Out of all that are sent out about 98% are gonna get destroyed…. AND THAT IS OKAY.

Gear made to be destroyed for beautiful decaying effects (◕‿◕✿)

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